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A New York Tale

oh lord if only if onlycentzo:by Bazzerio☯ killer blog ☯

New York. Summer. Braids. Smoke. Splashes. Sunnies. Rain. And dawn.


The Fashion Corner of Instagram

When it comes to inspiration, does the rule of “less is more” even come into consideration? First there was Tumblr, then came Pinterest and the last to gain the spotlight was Instagram. There are a bunch of stylish instagramers around, but these girls are a “must follow”!

Alexandra Golovanoff & Natasha Goldenberg

Caroline de Maigret &  Hanneli Mustaparta

 Emily Weiss & Coco Rocha

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It’s a Splash Splash colourful World!

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Kate & Stella

Gotta love this!

Lady and the Tram

Ulyana and the Tram line. Breath-ta-king!

Camel, Chloe and Cashmere

That camel jacket might be everything I need for Fall! Oh, and maybe bangs…

The Gentlewoman FW ‘12-‘13

Oh, Marion…

LADY DIOR DOCUMENTARY (click on the image)

“C’est génial! J’aime faire ça!” Oh, Marion, can I take you home with me?

Fashion Week // The Street Lens

Moda en la calle desfile alta costura Giambattista Valli: Vanessa TrainaModa en la calle desfile alta costura Giambattista ValliModa en la calle desfile alta costura Giambattista Valli: Bianca Brandolini

ph. Vogue Spain

Aujourd’hui j’aime

Clémence Poésy’s photo journal at