Why the Rave?

by Anna Liiv

This teeny tiny, but oh, so bold jacket made a successful entry on the red carpet of spring’s most wanted purchases. The H&M team managed to (I dare to say) eclipse their own outstanding collaboration with Margiela by throwing in this elaborate piece, a modern take on the little (black) jacket. Though, at first sight everything screams “it jacket , not so fancy next season”, could have H&M actually designed a statement piece able to pass the the test of time?

As for me, I can already picture myself taking ages to decide whether I should hand over my credit card or not, missing it and then stirring up on ebay with my fingers crossed. Ask me now, I’d buy it. The question is: will it end up a “last season” item back on ebay or a treasured purchase?

I knew I’ve layed my eyes on something similar not long ago and I’ve finally remembered: the Manoush jacket! Which do you like best?

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