Month: November, 2012

The Fashion Corner of Instagram

When it comes to inspiration, does the rule of “less is more” even come into consideration? First there was Tumblr, then came Pinterest and the last to gain the spotlight was Instagram. There are a bunch of stylish instagramers around, but these girls are a “must follow”!

Alexandra Golovanoff & Natasha Goldenberg

Caroline de Maigret &  Hanneli Mustaparta

 Emily Weiss & Coco Rocha

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Cinema style | Charlotte in London Boulevard

I love everything about Keira in this film: her perfect fringe and tousled locks, the “barely there” makeup and of course, the baggy chic look that fits her perfectly! Not to mention you’ll love the soundtrack!

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When in Paris, Wear black


There’s a “black” for everyone. Black goes beyond age, skin colour, weight or wallet size, yet it stays personal. Far beyond being a style signature in itself, I see it more as a canvas for blending the details, shapes and textures into what it should be a lady’s masterpiece: her personal style. As make-up gurus say: blending is the key!

“Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy – but mysterious. But above all black says this: “I don’t bother you – don’t bother me”.” Yohji Yamamoto

Here’s my choice for a casual dinner out: Stine Goya Pompom sweater, Abercrombie&Fitch slim fit jeans, Zara court shoes and the coolest menswear inspired clutch by Little Liffner.

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A Moveable Feast

I’ve been longing to read Hemingway’s set of memoirs for too long, so when I spotted it in the bookshop earlier today, I instantly grab it and took it home with me. My latte is waiting, wool socks are on, so I’m “off to Paris”  for the next couple of hours! Have a lovely evening everyone!

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Why the Rave?

This teeny tiny, but oh, so bold jacket made a successful entry on the red carpet of spring’s most wanted purchases. The H&M team managed to (I dare to say) eclipse their own outstanding collaboration with Margiela by throwing in this elaborate piece, a modern take on the little (black) jacket. Though, at first sight everything screams “it jacket , not so fancy next season”, could have H&M actually designed a statement piece able to pass the the test of time?

As for me, I can already picture myself taking ages to decide whether I should hand over my credit card or not, missing it and then stirring up on ebay with my fingers crossed. Ask me now, I’d buy it. The question is: will it end up a “last season” item back on ebay or a treasured purchase?

I knew I’ve layed my eyes on something similar not long ago and I’ve finally remembered: the Manoush jacket! Which do you like best?

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Pick of the Day

Oooh my! When Brazilian ties meet friendship bracelets your wrists are definitely throwing the best party in town! And here comes your special guest, Hipanema, the brilliant idea of two French girls (could it have been any other way?) to help you keep your shit together when things go…well, you know…dizzy! You’ll wanna take a look right now, ’cause your friend Bahia is already sold out. Did I even mention their lovely names? One word: Checkout!

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It’s a Splash Splash colourful World!

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