Month: October, 2012

Sleepy Sunday Afternoon

Photo by Lillian Bassman


I Do

Slogans for the Early 21st Century
Douglas Coupland

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Sound no.5 // Tennishero


Tennishero‘s cool track (not yet released) for the latest Monki campaign, No man’s land. Hit repeat?

Pick of the Day

While waiting for tumblr’s hiatus to come to an end I spotted some Massimo Dutti goodies! A crocodile leather clutch which I actually think would be a nice affordable alternative to the much coveted Celine and Comme des garcon pouches. I seriously consider adding a long leather strap for a more convenient wear.

The blucher shoes resemble a Zara model from spring that I missed and deeply regretted. Ballet flats are a classic, but this fall I tend to gravitate more than ever toward skirts and a more masculine pair of shoes seems only aproppiate.
I guess I’m more of a tomboy at heart!

Kate & Stella

Gotta love this!